May This Night Have No Darkness

An immersive installation that plunges the viewer into the world of cartography and navigation. “May This Night Have No Darkness” explores the intricate beauty and expansive possibilities of instruments such as Astrolabes, two-dimensional models of the celestial sphere which were once the most used astronomical devices. Developed in the medieval Islamic world by Muslim astronomers, used for navigation and to calculate the direction of the qibla. Their innovations furthered the fields of astronomy and cartography, introducing angular scales to the design, adding circles indicating azimuths on the horizon, which allowed for the calculation of the position and distance of stars.   Beams of computer-controlled lights trace a reflective sculptural edge over a large pool, producing diagrams that evoke sacred geometry, light, and cosmography.  “May This Night Have No Darkness” inhabits a world of impressions, a world made of time. 


Vishal K. Dar





Running time: