For her second feature, director Zeina Durra installs her camera in the intoxicating historic city of Luxor, Egypt.  British aid worker Hana (a bewitching Andrea Riseborough) returns to Luxor, escaping the intensity of her humanitarian work treating victims of the war on the Jordanian- Syrian border. On a boat in the ancient city, Hana encounters a figure from her past, archaeologist Sultan (Karim Saleh). Amidst the beautiful monuments to past civilizations, Hana has to reconcile with her past to overcome the uncertain present. Durra’s elegiac tale is more about romanticism than romance. It’s a story about a woman finding her own place in the world, on her own terms. Luxor provides the perfect setting to the tale, a vibrant city of dreams, grandeur, and broken dreams. This is an intimate and personal film starring an international and Arab cast, including Sherin Reda and Michael Landes.


Zeina Durra



United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates




Mohamed Hefzy, Mamdouh Saba and Gianluca Chakra, Hisham Alghanim.

Running time:

1h 25m