Better Days

Acclaimed director Derek Tsang strikes a raw and delicate chord in a modern romance that
draws on “Romeo and Juliet” with hints of “Bonnie and Clyde”, simmered together in the
hothouse atmosphere of a Chinese high school.

Tsang’s brutal portrayal of the psychological and physical violence of contemporary youth
culture is cast with unbearable realism and grit, highlighting the unseen wounds faced by victims
of abuse. Fiercely intimate throughout, the camera trails the characters at close range,
highlighting the swirling anxieties that shape their trauma: exam pressures, bullying, suicide,
class disparity, social stigmas, and isolation.

Within this hostile pressure cooker, two unlikely heroes find each other, their worlds colliding to
devastating and tender effect. Nian, relentlessly bullied, meets small-time criminal Bei.
Desperate to save themselves and each other, their reckless love lands them in the turbulence
of a murder investigation. Poignant and riveting, an epic tale about fighting for a better life in an
uncompromising world.


Derek Tsang






Hui Yuet-Jan

Running time:

2h 15m